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16" AFM Glass UFO Pyramid Perc Glass Beaker Bong
Sale price$175.00 Regular price$199.00

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Elevating you out of this world.

Welcome to Alien Flower Monkey, where we transcend earthly limits. Our passion lies in crafting extraordinary glass water pipes and glass bong accessories that will transport you to another dimension. As pioneers of funky and innovative glass rig and beaker designs, we channel your inner extraterrestrial, offering a seamless fusion of style and functionality. Unleash your inner alien with our otherworldly creations. Discover a universe of unique smoking experiences. Elevate your senses and join us on this cosmic journey at Alien Flower Monkey Glass. Let your imagination take flight, as we bring your extraterrestrial to life.

Nice Things People Have to say about us

AFM Is one of, if not my favorite glass brand! SUper high quality, great prices, and great service. Can't beat that.

Stephanie J.

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