5" AFM Reversal Stems v2

5" AFM Reversal Stems v2

Sale price$30.00
Color:Ink Blue

The AFM Reversal Downstem is a high-quality glass accessory designed to enhance your smoking experience. Here are its key features:

  1. Height: The downstem stands at 5 inches tall, making it suitable for various water pipes and bongs. Its length allows for effective smoke diffusion and filtration.

  2. Joint Size: The downstem has a 14mm joint size, which is a common standard size used in many water pipes and bongs. This ensures compatibility with a wide range of smoking pieces.

  3. Low Profile Diffusion: Equipped with a 10-hole perc, the downstem provides smooth and efficient smoke diffusion. The low-profile design of the perc minimizes drag, ensuring a comfortable smoking experience.

  4. Reversal Design: The downstem features a "reversal" design, showcasing a unique decal or pattern on its surface. This adds an artistic touch and makes the downstem visually appealing.

  5. AFM Colored Logo: The downstem is branded with an AFM colored logo, indicating its authenticity and quality. The logo adds a touch of sophistication and identifies the downstem as a genuine AFM product.

  6. Actual Decal/Colors May Vary: Due to the handcrafted nature of the product, the appearance of the decal and colors may vary slightly. This ensures that each downstem is unique and adds to its artisanal charm.

In summary, the AFM Reversal Downstem is an aesthetically pleasing and functional accessory that enhances your smoking sessions. With a 5-inch height and a 14mm joint size, it offers compatibility with various water pipes and bongs. The low-profile diffusion with a 10-hole perc ensures smooth hits without excessive drag. The reversal design and AFM colored logo add artistic flair and authenticity to the downstem. Please note that as a handcrafted product, the actual decal and colors may vary, making each downstem one-of-a-kind. Upgrade your smoking setup with the AFM Reversal Downstem for an enjoyable and visually appealing smoking experience.

AFM Reversal Downstem Features:

  • 5" tall
  • 14mm 
  • Low profile diffused with 10 hole perc
  • Reversal downstem
  • AFM colored logo
  • Actual Decal/Colors May Vary