3" - 5" Clear Downstem
3" - 5" Clear Downstem
3" - 5" Clear Downstem
3" - 5" Clear Downstem

3" - 5" Clear Downstem

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The AFM Downstem offers the following features:

  • Size Options: The downstem is available in different height options, typically ranging from 3 inches to 5 inches tall. This allows you to choose a size that best fits your water pipe or rig.

  • Joint Size: The downstem is designed with a 14mm joint size, which is a common size for many water pipes and rigs. It ensures a proper and secure connection between the downstem and the pipe.

  • Low Profile Diffusion: The downstem features a low-profile diffusion design with 6 diffusion slits. This allows for efficient filtration and diffusion of smoke or vapor, resulting in smoother hits.

  • AFM Logo: The downstem is adorned with the AFM logo, adding a touch of branding and visual appeal.

The AFM Downstem is a quality accessory that can enhance the performance and functionality of your water pipe or rig. With options for different sizes, a standard joint size, and efficient diffusion capabilities, it provides an optimal smoking or vaping experience. The AFM logo adds a stylish touch to the downstem, showcasing its authenticity.

AFM Downstem Features:

  • 3" to 5" tall size options
  • 14mm joint size
  • Low profile diffused with 6 diffusion slits
  • AFM Logo