3" AFM Alien Head Reclaim Catcher

3" AFM Alien Head Reclaim Catcher

Sale price$29.00
Size:14mm / 90 Degree

The 3" Alien Head Reclaim Catcher offers the following features:

  • Joint Sizes: It is available in two joint sizes: 14mm 90 degree and 14mm 45 degrees. This allows you to choose the appropriate joint angle that fits your water pipe or dab rig.

  • Height: The reclaim catcher has a complete height of 3 inches, which makes it compact and easy to use with your setup.

  • Reclaim Collection: The purpose of the reclaim catcher is to collect and capture any residual concentrates or oils that may drip down from your dab rig or water pipe. This allows you to reclaim and reuse the valuable concentrate, minimizing waste.

  • Silicone Base and Cap: The reclaim catcher comes with a silicone removable base and cap. This makes it convenient to access and handle the collected concentrate for further use or cleaning.

The 3" Alien Head Reclaim Catcher is a useful accessory for concentrate enthusiasts. It helps in collecting and reusing any excess concentrate, preventing it from going to waste. The included silicone base and cap add convenience and ease of use. Make sure to select the appropriate joint size and angle to ensure compatibility with your water pipe or dab rig.

3" Alien Head Reclaim Catcher features:

  • Available in 14mm 90 degree & 14mm 45 degrees
  • Complete height: 3"
  • Used to collect and reuse concentrates. 
  • A silicone removable base and cap included