18" AFM Tree Hugger Glass Beaker Bong Bundle
18" AFM Tree Hugger Glass Beaker Bong Bundle

18" AFM Tree Hugger Glass Beaker Bong Bundle

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Introducing the 18" Tree Hugger Glass Beaker Bong Bundle, designed to provide you with a superior smoking experience. Here are its features:

9mm Thick Heavy Duty Glass: This beaker bong is crafted with 9mm thick heavy-duty glass, ensuring exceptional durability and resistance to breakage. The thick glass construction makes it a robust and long-lasting smoking piece.

AFM Toy Included: The bundle comes with an AFM toy, adding an extra touch of fun and enjoyment to your smoking sessions. The toy serves as a playful accessory to accompany your bong.

Downstem & Bowl Included: The bundle includes a downstem and a bowl, allowing you to start using the bong right away. The downstem provides effective smoke filtration, while the bowl holds your smoking materials securely.

Slide Joint: 14mm Female: The bong features a 14mm female slide joint, offering compatibility with a wide range of accessories and attachments. This enables you to customize your smoking experience according to your preferences.

Downstem Size: 5": The included downstem has a size of 5 inches, providing efficient smoke diffusion and filtration for smoother hits.

3 Ice Pinches: The bong is equipped with 3 ice pinches, allowing you to add ice cubes for a cooler and more enjoyable smoking experience. The ice pinches hold the ice cubes in place, ensuring they do not obstruct the airflow.

Height to Top of Mouthpiece: 18": This bong stands at a height of 18 inches, providing ample space for smoke to accumulate and cool down before reaching the mouthpiece. This results in smoother and more enjoyable hits.

Beaker Base Diameter: 6": The beaker base of the bong has a diameter of 6 inches, offering stability and a larger water chamber for enhanced smoke filtration and cooling.

Colors May Vary: The bundle may feature different color variations, adding a unique and vibrant aesthetic to each individual package. The actual colors received may vary.

Actual Measurements May Vary: Please note that the actual measurements of the bong may vary slightly due to the handmade nature of the glass. These slight variations contribute to the uniqueness and charm of each individual piece.

The 18" Tree Hugger Glass Beaker Bong Bundle combines durability, functionality, and visual appeal. The 9mm thick heavy-duty glass ensures long-lasting durability, while the included AFM toy adds a playful element to your smoking experience. The downstem and bowl are included, allowing you to start using the bong right away. The 14mm female slide joint offers compatibility with various accessories, and the 5-inch downstem provides efficient smoke filtration. The 3 ice pinches allow for the addition of ice cubes, resulting in cooler hits. With a height of 18 inches and a beaker base diameter of 6 inches, this bong offers stability and a generous water chamber for optimal smoke cooling and filtration. Please note that the colors may vary for each bundle, adding a unique touch to each package. Additionally, slight variations in measurements may occur due to the handmade nature of the glass, further contributing to the individuality of each piece. Enjoy an enhanced smoking experience with the 18" Tree Hugger Glass Beaker Bong Bundle.

18" Tree Hugger Glass Beaker Bong Bundle Features:

  • 9mm Thick Heavy Duty Glass
  • Plus AFM Toy Included 
  • Downstem & Bowl Included
  • Slide Joint: 14mm female
  • Downstem Size: 5"
  • 3 ice pinches
  • Height to top of mouthpiece: 18"
  • Beaker base diameter: 6"
  • Colors May Vary
  • Actual Measurements May Vary