18" AFM Glass Lime Quasar Glass Beaker Bong Bundle
18" AFM Glass Lime Quasar Glass Beaker Bong Bundle

18" AFM Glass Lime Quasar Glass Beaker Bong Bundle

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The Quasar Glass Beaker Bong Bundle is a fantastic smoking set that includes various features to enhance your smoking experience. Let's explore the details of each component in this bundle:

  1. The Quasar Ivory/Lime Beaker 18": The centerpiece of the bundle is an 18-inch tall beaker-style bong with a captivating ivory and lime color combination. The beaker design provides stability and a larger water capacity for improved smoke filtration and cooling.

  2. Upgraded AFM Lime-Colored Showerhead Downstem & Lucky Goat Bowl: The bundle comes with an upgraded AFM lime-colored showerhead downstem and a matching Lucky Goat bowl. The showerhead downstem features a showerhead-style diffuser that provides excellent smoke diffusion, leading to smoother hits. The Lucky Goat bowl is ideal for holding your preferred smoking material, ensuring a ready-to-use setup.

  3. Lucky Goat Lime 14mm/45 Degree Ash-Catcher: To further enhance the filtration process, the bundle includes a Lucky Goat lime-colored ash-catcher. This accessory traps ash and debris before it enters the bong, keeping the water cleaner and your hits smoother.

  4. Slide Joint: The bong's slide joint is 14mm female, offering versatility for attaching various accessories. This joint size is widely compatible, allowing you to personalize your smoking setup with different attachments like ash-catchers or percolators.

  5. Downstem Size: The downstem included in the bundle measures 5 inches in length. The longer downstem provides a longer smoke path, resulting in better cooling and diffusion for a smoother smoking experience.

  6. 3 Ice Pinches: The bong is equipped with three ice pinches along the neck, allowing you to add ice cubes to further cool down the smoke. The ice cools the smoke as it passes through, reducing harshness and providing a refreshing hit.

  7. Height to Top of Mouthpiece: The bong stands at 18 inches in height from the base to the top of the mouthpiece. This length offers significant smoke filtration and ensures that you can take smooth and satisfying hits.

  8. Beaker Base Diameter: The beaker-style base has a diameter of 6 inches, providing stability and ample water capacity for efficient smoke filtration.

  9. Colors May Vary: As with any handcrafted glass piece, there might be slight variations in color due to the artistic nature of the production process. However, these variations do not affect the overall functionality and appeal of the bong.

In summary, the Quasar Glass Beaker Bong Bundle is a comprehensive set that offers an array of features to elevate your smoking experience. With its stylish design, effective filtration, and included accessories, this bundle is a fantastic addition to any smoking collection.

Quasar Glass Beaker Bong Bundle Features:

  • The Quasar Ivory/Lime Beaker 18"
  • Upgraded AFM Lime Colored Showerhead Downstem & Lucky Goat Bowl Included
  • Lucky Goat Lime 14mm/45 Degree Ash-Catcher
  • Slide Joint: 14mm female
  • Downstem Size: 5"
  • 3 ice pinches
  • Height to top of mouthpiece: 18"
  • Beaker base diameter: 6"
  • Colors May Vary
  • Actual Measurements May Vary