AFM Sandy Pencil Dabber

AFM Sandy Pencil Dabber

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Introducing the Sandy Pencil Dabber – a unique and artistic accessory that adds a touch of creativity to your dabbing sessions. Carefully designed, this Colored Glass dabber showcases both visual appeal and practicality, promising a dabbing experience that's as captivating as it is functional.

  1. Colored Glass Brilliance: The Sandy Pencil Dabber features the brilliance of Colored Glass, infusing your dabbing routine with a burst of vibrant hues. The colors playfully interact with the light, creating an alluring visual display.

  2. Colored Sand Inside Dabber: This dabber is adorned with colored sand encapsulated within the glass, creating a mesmerizing effect that adds an element of uniqueness to your dabbing setup.

  3. Actual Colors May Vary: Just as every stroke of an artist's brush creates a distinct masterpiece, the colors of each Sandy Pencil Dabber are a delightful surprise. The handcrafted nature of the glasswork ensures that each dabber boasts its own unique color palette and pattern.

Elevate your dabbing sessions with the Sandy Pencil Dabber – a fusion of artistry and function. Whether you're an experienced dabber or new to the world of concentrates, this dabber promises an engaging and captivating experience. Secure your Sandy Pencil Dabber today and add a touch of creativity to your dab rig.

Sandy Pencil Dabber Features:

  • Colored Glass dabber
  • Colored Sand inside dabber
  • Actual Colors May Vary