18" AFM Red Eye Monkey Clear 9mm Glass Beaker Bong

18" AFM Red Eye Monkey Clear 9mm Glass Beaker Bong

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Introducing the 18" Red Eye Monkey Clear 9mm Glass Beaker Bong, featuring a combination of durability and eye-catching design elements. Let's explore its key features:

9mm Thick Glass: This bong is constructed with high-quality 9mm thick glass, providing durability and resistance to accidental damage. The thickness of the glass ensures long-lasting use and a sturdy feel.

Monkey Glowing Eyes Decal: The bong is adorned with a unique decal featuring glowing eyes of a monkey. This design element adds a playful and distinctive touch to the overall aesthetic of the bong.

Downstem & Bowl Included: The bundle includes a downstem and bowl, allowing for immediate use upon purchase. The downstem helps to diffuse and filter the smoke, while the bowl holds your smoking material.

Slide Joint: 14mm Female: The bong features a 14mm female slide joint, providing compatibility with various accessories and attachments. This allows you to customize your smoking experience according to your preferences.

Downstem Size: 5": The included downstem measures 5 inches in length, serving as a crucial component for smoke diffusion and filtration. It helps to cool down the smoke and create smoother hits.

3 Ice Pinches: The bong is equipped with three ice pinches strategically placed on the neck. These pinches allow you to add ice cubes, providing a cooling effect and delivering smoother and more enjoyable smoking sessions.

Height from Base to Mouthpiece: 18": With a height of 18 inches, this bong offers an extended smoke path, resulting in improved filtration and cooling. The increased height also allows for larger hits and a comfortable smoking experience.

Beaker Base Diameter: 6": The beaker base design ensures stability and provides a larger water capacity for enhanced filtration. The 6-inch diameter of the beaker base adds to the overall balance and functionality of the bong.

Actual Measurements May Vary: As with any handmade glass product, the actual measurements of the bong may vary slightly. This characteristic adds to the uniqueness and individuality of each piece.

Experience the 18" Red Eye Monkey Clear 9mm Glass Beaker Bong, featuring its durable 9mm thick glass construction and eye-catching monkey decal with glowing eyes. The included downstem and bowl allow for immediate use, and the 14mm female slide joint offers compatibility with various accessories. Enjoy smoother hits with the 5-inch downstem and take advantage of the cooling effect provided by the three ice pinches. The 18-inch height and 6-inch beaker base diameter contribute to a comfortable smoking experience. Please note that due to the handmade nature of the product, the actual measurements may slightly vary. Embrace the unique charm of the Red Eye Monkey Clear 9mm Glass Beaker Bong and elevate your smoking sessions.

18" Red Eye Monkey Clear 9mm Glass Beaker Bong Features:
  • 9mm thick glass
  • Monkey glowing eyes decal
  • Downstem & Bowl Included
  • Slide Joint: 14mm Female
  • Downstem size: 5"
  • 3 Ice Pinches
  • Height from base to mouthpiece: 18" 
  • Beaker base diameter: 6"
  • Actual Measurements May Vary