AFM Rick Glass Dabber Tool

AFM Rick Glass Dabber Tool

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Introducing the Rick Glass Dabber Tool – a playful and creative accessory that pays homage to the beloved advennture. Carefully designed, this Colored Glass dabber tool captures the essence of the show, promising a dabbing experience that's as unique as it is entertaining.


  1. Colored Glass Whimsy: The Rick Glass Dabber Tool features the brilliance of Colored Glass, infusing your dabbing routine with a burst of vibrant hues. The colors dance and shimmer, reminiscent of the show's vibrant and imaginative world.

  2. Shaped Like Rick: This dabber tool takes the form of Rick, one of the iconic himself. The playful design adds a touch of nostalgia and fandom to your dabbing setup.

  3. Actual Colors May Vary: Just as the show's episodes take unexpected turns, the colors of each Rick Glass Dabber Tool are a delightful surprise. Due to the handcrafted nature of the glasswork, each tool boasts a distinct color palette and pattern.

Celebrate your love for great anime shows with the the Rick Glass Dabber Tool – a fusion of creativity and function. Whether you're an anime enthusiast, a seasoned dabber, or simply a fan of the show, this dabber tool promises an enjoyable and entertaining experience. Secure your Rick Glass Dabber Tool today and immerse yourself in the world of your favorite animated series.

Are you a huge fan of anime shows? Well if Rick is your favorite this glass dabber tool of rick is the perfect gift for you or any anime show enthusiast.

  • Colored Glass dabber
  • Shaped like Morty from Rick & Morty
  • Actual Colors May Vary