Disc Spinner Carb Cap Dish V3
Disc Spinner Carb Cap Dish V3
Disc Spinner Carb Cap Dish V3

Disc Spinner Carb Cap Dish V3

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Introducing our Spinner Cap, a versatile and innovative accessory for your dabbing needs. This cap is crafted from clear glass and features three slits, allowing for enhanced airflow within the banger. The unique design of the Spinner Cap enables it to spin pearls or terp pearls placed inside the banger, creating turbulence and improving vaporization efficiency.

The Spinner Cap comes with a dish that can hold your preferred pearls, ensuring they stay in place during your dabbing sessions. Please note that the pearls are not included with the Spinner Cap, allowing you the freedom to choose and personalize your dabbing experience with your favorite pearls.

With the Spinner Cap, you can enjoy smooth and flavorful hits, maximizing the potential of your concentrates while enjoying the mesmerizing spinning motion of the pearls. Enhance your dabbing sessions with our top-of-the-line Spinner Cap, designed to take your dabbing experience to a whole new level!

Spinner Cap Features:

  • Clear glass with 3 slits.
  • Allows airflow to spin pearls in the banger.
  • Dish