AFM Disc Spinner Carb Cap V2

AFM Disc Spinner Carb Cap V2

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Introducing our Spinner Cap, a revolutionary accessory designed to elevate your dabbing experience. Crafted from clear glass, this cap features three slits that allow for optimal airflow within the banger. The unique design of the Spinner Cap enables it to create a vortex effect when placed over terp pearls or other inserts, resulting in enhanced vaporization and improved flavor extraction.

The Spinner Cap does not come with pearls included, giving you the freedom to choose and use your preferred pearls or inserts. Simply place the pearls inside the banger, cover it with the Spinner Cap, and experience the mesmerizing spinning motion as the pearls interact with the vapor, leading to a smoother and more enjoyable hit.

Enhance the potency and flavor of your concentrates with our high-quality Spinner Cap. Elevate your dabbing sessions to new heights and explore the world of terp pearls with this innovative and functional accessory. Take your dabbing game to the next level with our Spinner Cap today!

Spinner Cap Features:

  • Clear glass with 3 slits .
  • Allows airflow to spin pearls in the banger.