AFM Bunny Glass Dabber Tool V2.0

AFM Bunny Glass Dabber Tool V2.0

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The Bunny Dabber is a dabbing tool made from colored glass. It is designed to be used for handling and dabbing concentrates or extracts. The tool typically has a pointed or flat end that allows users to scoop up small amounts of concentrate and apply them to a heated nail or banger for vaporization.

As with many glass products, the Bunny Dabber may come in various colors and patterns due to the nature of the glassblowing process. Each dabber may have its unique design and coloration, making it a fun and attractive addition to your dabbing setup. The statement "Actual Colors May Vary" indicates that the colors and patterns of the dabber may differ from the image or description provided, adding to the charm and individuality of each piece.

Bunny Dabber Features:

  • Colored Glass dabber
  • Actual Colors May Vary