AFM Colored Down Drops
AFM Colored Down Drops
AFM Colored Down Drops
AFM Colored Down Drops
AFM Colored Down Drops

AFM Colored Down Drops

Sale price$30.00
Size:14mm Male to 14mm Female

The AFM Colored Down Drops are functional and aesthetically pleasing accessories designed to protect your glass rig from heat and add a touch of color to your setup. Here are their features:

  1. 3" Length: The down drops have a length of 3 inches, providing sufficient distance from the rig's receiver to divert the heat away and downward.

  2. 45-Degree Angle: The down drops are angled at 45 degrees, allowing for efficient heat dissipation and ensuring that the heat doesn't directly impact your rig.

  3. 14mm Female to Male Jointed: The down drops come with a 14mm female joint on one end and a 14mm male joint on the other end, making them compatible with standard 14mm glass rigs.

  4. Heat Protection: The primary function of the down drops is to protect your glass rig from excess heat, helping to preserve the integrity and longevity of your piece.

  5. Colored Stem: The down drops feature colored stems, adding a touch of style and personalization to your rig setup.

  6. Actual Colors May Vary: The down drops come in various colors, but the specific colors may vary, allowing you to enjoy a surprise element when you receive your order.

Overall, the AFM Colored Down Drops offer practical heat protection for your glass rig while enhancing its appearance with a colorful stem. They are a great addition to any glass rig setup and can help improve your smoking or dabbing experience by ensuring your rig stays cool and protected.

AFM Colored Down drops Features:
  • 3" length
  • 45-degree angle away and down from the receiver
  • 14mm female to male jointed
  • Protects from heat
  • Colored stem
  • Actual Colors May Vary