4" AFM Trippy UFO Perc Glass Ash Catcher

4" AFM Trippy UFO Perc Glass Ash Catcher

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Size:14mm/ 90 Degrees

The 4" Trippy UFO Perc Glass Ash Catcher is an essential accessory designed to enhance your smoking experience with its unique perc and practical features. Let's dive into the key characteristics of this ash catcher:

  1. Perc: The ash catcher is equipped with a UFO perc, which stands for "Unidentified Filtration Object." The UFO perc is known for its effective smoke diffusion, providing smooth and cool hits by breaking down the smoke into finer bubbles. This results in better filtration and a more enjoyable smoking experience.

  2. Joint Angle and Ground Joint: The ash catcher has a joint angle of 90º\45º, allowing you to adjust the angle according to your preference and the design of your water pipe. The ground joint is available in two sizes: 14mm and 18mm male, ensuring compatibility with various water pipes and bowls.

  3. Slide Joint: The ash catcher features a slide joint available in 14mm and 18mm female sizes. The slide joint allows for easy attachment to your water pipe, creating a secure and airtight connection.

  4. Complete Height: The ash catcher stands at a height of 4 inches, making it a compact and practical addition to your smoking setup. Its manageable size ensures that it does not add unnecessary weight or height to your water pipe while providing the benefits of additional filtration.

  5. Pairing Options: The 4" Trippy UFO Perc Glass Ash Catcher pairs perfectly with two specific water pipes: the AFM Quasar Trippy Beaker and the Trippy Beaker 9MM. This means you can enjoy the benefits of added filtration and a unique smoking experience when using the ash catcher with either of these water pipes.

With its trippy perc design and compatibility with various water pipes, the 4" Trippy UFO Perc Glass Ash Catcher offers a practical and visually appealing solution to enhance your smoking sessions. Enjoy smoother hits and keep your water pipe cleaner for longer by using this ash catcher as an essential accessory to your smoking collection.

4" Trippy UFO Perc Glass Ash Catcher features:

  • Perc: UFO
  • Joint angle: 90º\45º angle
  • Ground joint: 14mm\18mm male
  • Slide joint: 14mm\18mm female
  • Complete height: 4"