3mm x 25mm AFM Full Weld Round Thick Bottom Quartz Banger
3mm x 25mm AFM Full Weld Round Thick Bottom Quartz Banger

3mm x 25mm AFM Full Weld Round Thick Bottom Quartz Banger

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The 3mm x 25mm AFM Full Weld Round Thick Bottom Quartz Banger is a premium-quality dabbing accessory designed to provide an exceptional concentrate experience. Here are the key features of this banger:

  1. Full Weld Banger Blown as One Piece: This banger is skillfully crafted as a single, full weld piece, ensuring superior durability and longevity. The one-piece design eliminates any weak points or potential joint separation issues, offering a reliable and sturdy dabbing solution.

  2. 3mm Thick: Constructed from high-quality quartz, the banger boasts a thickness of 3mm, allowing it to retain heat efficiently for optimal vaporization of your concentrates.

  3. 5mm Thick Bottom: The bottom of the banger features an extra thickness of 5mm, enhancing its heat retention capabilities and promoting even heat distribution for consistent and flavorful dabs.

  4. Flat Top Beveled Edge: The flat top with a beveled edge provides a stable and user-friendly platform for loading your concentrates. The beveled edge adds a touch of elegance to the banger's overall design.

  5. Full Blow Bucket Joint: The bucket joint is fully blown for a seamless and smooth transition between the bucket and the joint. This meticulous craftsmanship ensures an airtight seal, preventing any vapor or air from escaping.

  6. Made from 100% High-Quality Quartz: The banger is crafted from premium quartz material, ensuring excellent heat resistance and purity to preserve the natural flavors of your concentrates.

  7. 25mm Bucket: The spacious 25mm bucket accommodates a generous amount of concentrates, providing satisfying hits and efficient vaporization.

  8. Domeless Nail: The banger comes with a domeless nail, eliminating the need for a separate glass dome and simplifying the dabbing process.

  9. Polished Joint: The joint of the banger is meticulously polished to create a smooth and secure connection to your dab rig. The polished joint ensures airtightness and minimizes any air leakage.

  10. Available in a Variety of Sizes: This banger is available in three sizes - 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm, offering versatility and compatibility with a wide range of dab rigs and accessories.

  11. Available in Male / Female Joints: You can choose between male and female joints, allowing for a perfect fit with your dab rig.

  12. Available in 90-Degrees and 45-Degrees: The banger is available in both 90-degree and 45-degree angles, catering to different dabbing preferences and rig setups.

In summary, the 3mm x 25mm AFM Full Weld Round Thick Bottom Quartz Banger is a top-of-the-line dabbing accessory that combines durability, functionality, and superior heat retention. The full weld one-piece design ensures long-lasting performance, and the thick bottom promotes even heat distribution for optimal dabbing experiences. With its premium-quality quartz construction, polished joint, and various size and angle options, this banger offers the versatility and performance needed for an enjoyable concentrate session. Choose the AFM Full Weld Round Thick Bottom Quartz Banger for a reliable and high-performance dabbing solution.

3mm x 25mm AFM Full Weld Round Thick Bottom Quartz Banger Features:

  • Full weld banger blown as one piece not two pieces joined together
  • 3mm Thick
  • 5mm Thick bottom 
  • Flat top beveled edge
  • Full blow bucket joint
  • Made from 100% high-quality quartz
  • 25mm Bucket
  • Domeless Nail
  • Polished Joint
  • Available in a Variety of Sizes: 10mm / 14mm / 18mm
  • Available in Male / Female joints
  • Available in 90-degrees and 45-degrees