Different Types of Carb Caps for Dab Rigs

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AFM Knob Air Flow Directional Carb Cap

Have you ever wondered how to achieve those smooth, flavorful vapor clouds with your dab rig? The secret to big plumes is a small but mighty accessory—the carb cap. These handy little caps fit snugly over your quartz banger or nail, allowing you to control airflow and enjoy low-temperature dabs that preserve the full flavor and potency of your concentrates.  

Discover the different types of carb caps available, how they function, and how to choose the perfect one for your rig.

What are Carb Caps?

Carb caps for dab rigs are dome-shaped accessories designed to fit tightly over your quartz banger or nail. They’re primarily used to restrict airflow, creating a vacuum-like pressure within the banger during a dab. This allows your concentrates to fully vaporize at lower temperatures, preventing wastage.

By controlling the airflow, carb caps let you take smooth, flavorful low-temp dabs that preserve the delicate terpene profiles of your extracts. The intense pressure also helps reduce the need for excessive heating, making for a more enjoyable and efficient dabbing experience.

Different Styles of Carb Caps

While all carb caps serve the same basic purpose, they come in a variety of styles for different dabbing preferences and dab rig setups. Some of the most popular types of carb cap styles include:

Carb Cap Style




Standard Carb Cap

Simple, dome-shaped cap with a small handle.

Affordable, easy to use, and works with most bangers.

Limited airflow control.

Directional Carb Cap

Features an angled air inlet for directing airflow across the banger.

Excellent for vaporizing concentrate puddles and enhances flavor.

Requires practice to master airflow control.

Bubble Carb Cap

Spherical glass cap with a hollow stem for airflow control.

Simple to use, good for flat-top bangers and visually appealing.

Less airflow control compared to directional caps.

Spinner Carb Cap

Designed with an indent to hold terp pearl, which spins during use.

Ensures even concentrate vaporization and reduces waste.

Requires purchasing terp pearls, may not fit all bangers.


Determining the Appropriate Carb Cap Size for Your Banger

Proper sizing is critical when you are shopping for a carb cap; a poorly fitted carb cap can compromise your rig’s performance and lead to vapor loss. Most carb caps come in standard sizes like 20mm, 25mm, and 28mm. 

To ensure an exact match, measure the inner diameter of your quartz banger using a ruler or caliper and match this measurement to the corresponding carb cap size. A snug but not overly tight fit is ideal for optimal airflow control. Taking the time to get the right size will allow you to fully enjoy your concentrates.

Exploring Various Carb Cap Designs and Styles

While carb caps are mainly functional additions to your rig, dabbers today have many stylish options to choose from that blend visual appeal with performance. From sleek solid colors to intricate artistic designs, these accessories allow you to express your personal style. 

 20mm AFM Mini Full Color Carb Cap

  • Solid color carb caps. These full color caps offer a clean, minimalist look in shades like black, white, forest green, or jade blue that can complement your dab rig’s aesthetic. Solid colors keep things sleek and simple.

    AFM Disc Spinner Carb Cap

  • See-through carb caps. These transparent beauties allow you to monitor concentrate vaporization for perfect timing, ensuring you capture the peak flavor window.

    AFM Directional Full Color Wig Wag Reversal Carb Cap

  • Wig Wag reversal carb caps. Featuring two opposing air inlets, these caps offer complex airflow control for experienced dabbers looking for ultimate customization. The Wig Wag reversal glassblowing style results in layered, colorful glass with mirrored, intricate patterns for a unique, visually striking dabbing accessory.

    AFM Full Color Honeycomb Airflow Cap


  • Honeycomb carb caps. The honeycomb design diffuses airflow, creating smoother and more flavorful vapor. Our mesmerizing honeycomb carb cap features tightly packed hexagons, achieved by injecting air bubbles during the glassblowing process. The pattern creates a unique interplay of light and color, adding an unmatched depth and texture to your sessions. 

    AFM Galaxy Dichro Airflow Bubble Carb Cap


  • Dichroic carb caps. These mesmerizing caps contain multiple micro-layers of metals or oxides inside the glass, which change color with light, adding a dazzling, almost magical element to your dab rig setup.

    AFM Lolli Turbo Glass Spinner Carb Cap + 2 Pearls


  • Fumed glass carb caps. Showcasing artistic swirls and color variations, fumed glass carb caps are a work of art, both functional and visually stunning.

    Introduction to Marbles and Pearls

    Marbles and terp pearls are small glass spheres that add another dimension to your dabbing experience when used with carb caps. As you inhale through your dab rig, the carb cap controls airflow, creating a vortex within the banger. This vortex spins the terp pearl, gently agitating the concentrate. This movement has several benefits:

    • Even heating. The pearl ensures all the concentrate gets evenly heated, preventing hot spots, puddling, and wasted product.
    • Enhanced vaporization. The agitation increases the surface area of the concentrate exposed to heat, leading to thicker, more flavorful vapor at a lower temperature.
    • Reduced splashing. Pearls help prevent the concentrate from splashing up the banger neck, minimizing waste and making cleaning easier.

    Marbles and terp pearls come in various designs, each offering a slight twist on functionality and aesthetics:

    AFM Diamond Marble Pearls

    AFM Diamond Marble Pearls

    • Diamonds. These cut spheres feature sharp edges for superior airflow manipulation within the vortex.

     AFM Mushroom Marble Pearls

    • Mushrooms. With a larger surface area, mushroom pearls offer increased contact with the concentrate for even more efficient vaporization, regardless of whether you’re using a dab rig or a beaker bong.
    • Colored marbles/pearls. Beyond function, these colorful spheres add a vibrant touch to your dab rig setup, reflecting your unique style.

    How to Pair Your Carb Caps With Marbles or Pearls

    Ready to take your dabbing experience to the next level? There’s an art to pairing your carb caps with marbles or pearls to give you that perfect hit and visually stunning setup. For optimal performance, consider the following when pairing carb caps with terp pearls:

    • Compatibility. Ensure your carb cap offers enough space for the pearl to spin freely within the banger.
    • Banger design. Flat-top bangers work well with most carb cap and terp pearl combinations. Slanted bangers may require specialized angled carb caps to accommodate the pearl's movement. 
    • Size. Match the terp pearl size to your banger. A pearl too large for the banger can restrict airflow, while one too small might not be effective.
    • Material. The material of your quartz banger or nail can also influence your pairing choices. For example, thicker bangers tend to retain heat better, allowing for lower-temp dabs with terp pearls.

    Experimenting with different combinations of carb caps, banger sizes, and terp pearl designs is key to finding your sweet spot. The perfect pairing will maximize airflow control, terp pearl movement, and ultimately, the flavor and potency of your dabs.

    Find the Right Carb Cap for Your Rig at AFM

    Transform your dabbing setup with AFM’s selection of the best carb caps, dab rigs, and essential dabber tools. From spinner caps that maximize flavor to stylish designs that complement your glass, we have the perfect carb caps to level up your low-temp dabs. Explore our collection today and find the ideal accessory for an unmatched concentrate experience.

    Carb Cap FAQs

    What does a carb cap do?

    A carb cap regulates airflow over your heated banger, allowing for low-temp dabs with maximized flavor and vapor production. It essentially traps heat and vapor within the banger for a more efficient and enjoyable dabbing experience.

    How do I know what size carb cap to get?

    A good fit is essential. Measure your banger’s diameter and choose a carb cap that matches the diameter for a snug seal. 

    How do I clean my carb cap and maintain its longevity?

    For regular cleaning, use a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol (at least 70% concentration) to gently wipe away any concentrate residue. For stubborn grime, soak your carb cap in isopropyl alcohol for half an hour, then gently scrub with a swab. Remember to rinse thoroughly with clean, warm water and let it dry completely before use.

    Can I use a carb cap with any type of concentrate?

    Yes, carb caps are designed to work with all types of cannabis concentrates, including wax, shatter, and crumble. The low-temperature vaporization enabled by carb caps preserves the unique flavors and potencies of various concentrate varieties.