Oreos Chocolate & Cream China - 4.09oz

Oreos Chocolate & Cream China - 4.09oz

Sale price$5.00
Size:Single Pack

Experience the novelty of Oreo from China – a limited edition delight that promises to intrigue your taste buds with its unique flavors. Revel in the charm of the Regular Flavored 4.09oz pack, available in both single and double pack options. These Limited Edition Exotic Chinese Oreos are the ideal companions for moments of solo indulgence or shared enjoyment with friends. Embrace the adventure and seize the opportunity to try something truly distinct.


  1. Regular Flavored 4.09oz Pack: Each pack is conveniently sized at 4.09oz, providing you with a generous portion of these Limited Edition Exotic Chinese Oreos.

  2. Single-Pack or Double-Pack Option: Tailor your snacking experience to your preferences – whether it's a personal treat or a delightful offering for a gathering, choose between the single-pack or double-pack options.

  3. Perfect Snacking Companion: Whether you're relaxing by yourself or in the company of friends, these Oreos make for a perfect snacking companion during any session.

Please note that the uniqueness of these Limited Edition Exotic Chinese Oreos comes with a special caveat: no returns or exchanges are available for this product. So, don't hesitate – embrace the culinary adventure and secure your pack or two today. Discover the irresistible flavors that Chinese Oreo has to offer and savor each bite in the spirit of exploration!