16" Shower-head Black Color Glass Beaker Bong Bundle
16" Shower-head Black Color Glass Beaker Bong Bundle

16" Shower-head Black Color Glass Beaker Bong Bundle

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The AFM Glass 16" Shower-head Black Color Glass Beaker Bong Bundle is a sleek and stylish smoking device that offers a smooth smoking experience. Here are the features of this bundle:

16" Height: This beaker bong stands at a height of 16 inches, providing an elongated smoke chamber for larger hits and increased airflow. The taller design allows for more smoke to accumulate, resulting in denser and more flavorful hits.

Shower-head Perc: The bong is equipped with a shower-head perc, which features multiple slits or holes that help to diffuse and filter the smoke. The shower-head perc breaks down the smoke into smaller bubbles, increasing the surface area for effective filtration and smoother hits.

Black Color Glass: The bong features a black color glass construction, giving it a sleek and stylish appearance. The black color adds a touch of elegance to the overall design of the bong.

Beaker Base: The beaker base design provides stability to the bong and allows for a larger water capacity. The beaker shape also makes it easier to clean and maintain the bong.

Slide Joint: 14mm Female: The bong has a 14mm female slide joint, which allows for easy attachment of compatible accessories such as bowls, nails, or bangers. This gives you the flexibility to customize your smoking experience.

Flared Mouthpiece: The bong features a flared mouthpiece, providing a comfortable and secure grip while inhaling. The flared design also helps to prevent any water from reaching your mouth during use.

Bundle Inclusions: The bundle includes additional accessories to enhance your smoking experience. It typically includes a downstem and a bowl, allowing you to start using the bong right away.

Colors May Vary: Please note that the actual color of the bong may vary from the product image. The black color glass ensures a sleek and stylish appearance, but slight variations in shade and tone may occur.

Enjoy smooth and flavorful hits with the 16" Shower-head Black Color Glass Beaker Bong Bundle. The shower-head perc provides excellent smoke diffusion and filtration, resulting in a smoother smoking experience. The black color glass construction adds a touch of elegance, making it a visually appealing piece. The beaker base design ensures stability and a larger water capacity. The 14mm female slide joint allows for easy customization with compatible accessories. The flared mouthpiece offers a comfortable grip while preventing any water from reaching your mouth. Additionally, the bundle includes essential accessories such as a downstem and a bowl. Please note that the actual color of the bong may vary. Elevate your smoking sessions with this stylish and functional beaker bong bundle.

Straight Tube Bong Features :

  • Stemless Design with female joint
  • AFM Tall Boy Showerhead Smokey
  • Lucky Goat Smokey Bowl Included
  • Perc: UFO
  • Perc: Circle SH
  • Slide joint: 14mm female
  • Flared Mouthpiece
  • Clear Glass
  • Color mouthpiece 
  • Height to top of mouthpiece: 16 inches
  • Height to top of rig joint: 6 inches
  • Colors May Vary
  • Actual Measurements May Vary