Cash Bag Carb Cap
Cash Bag Carb Cap
Cash Bag Carb Cap
Cash Bag Carb Cap
Cash Bag Carb Cap

Cash Bag Carb Cap

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The Cash Bag Carb Cap is a stylish and functional accessory designed for use with 25mm or 20mm bucket bangers. Made from colored glass, it features a striking design with a reversal glass pattern, adding a unique and artistic touch to your dabbing setup. The reversal glass technique involves intricate glassblowing to create visually appealing patterns and colors on the surface of the carb cap.

The primary function of the Cash Bag Carb Cap is to control the airflow and vaporization inside the bucket banger when dabbing concentrates. By covering the top of the banger, it restricts the airflow, creating a low-pressure environment inside the banger. This, in turn, allows you to vaporize your concentrates at lower temperatures, preserving the flavors and maximizing the efficiency of your dabs.

The carb cap is equipped with an air flow cap, which means it has a small hole or multiple holes to control the amount of air entering the banger. This adjustable airflow helps you regulate the temperature and vapor production to suit your personal preferences.

It is important to note that the Cash Bag Carb Cap is not intended for use as a spinner. Unlike spinner caps, which create a vortex-like effect inside the banger, the Cash Bag Carb Cap focuses on controlled airflow rather than spinning motion.

As with many glass products, the Cash Bag Carb Cap comes in various colors and patterns due to the reversal glass technique. This means that each carb cap is unique and may have different colors and designs, making it a collectible and aesthetically pleasing accessory for your dab rig.

Overall, the Cash Bag Carb Cap combines functionality with artistic flair, providing you with an enjoyable and customizable dabbing experience. Its colored glass and reversal pattern add a touch of creativity to your dab rig while allowing you to savor the full flavors of your concentrates.

Cash Bag Carb Cap Features:

  • Colored Glass 
  • Reversal Glass
  • Fits 25mm or 20mm bucket bangers
  • Air Flow Cap - not intended for a spinner
  • Actual Colors May Vary