Bubble Spinner Carb Cap + 2 Pearls

Bubble Spinner Carb Cap + 2 Pearls

Sale price$49.99

The Bubble Spinner Carb Cap is a dabbing accessory made from colored glass, designed to fit 25mm bucket bangers, which are heating elements used for dabbing concentrates or extracts. 

The cap also features an "Air Flow Cap," which allows the user to regulate the airflow during the dabbing process, providing a smoother and more controlled experience.

Additionally, the package includes two clear pearls. Pearls are small spherical pieces made from glass, quartz, or other materials that are placed in the banger during dabbing. They help to distribute the concentrate evenly, ensuring efficient vaporization and enhancing the flavor.

As with many glass products, the Bubble Spinner Carb Cap and the included pearls may come in various colors and patterns due to the handmade nature of the glassblowing process. The statement "Actual Colors May Vary" indicates that the colors and patterns of the items in the package may differ from the image or description provided, making each set unique and individual.

Bubble Spinner Carb Cap + 2 Pearls Features:

  • Colored Glass 
  • Fits 25mm bucket bangers
  • Spinner Functionality
  • Air Flow Cap
  • Two clear pearls included
  • Actual Colors May Vary